Salzburg Austria Tourist Information and City Guide

Kapitelplatz is one of several beautiful city squares in Salzburg Austria.  It is located between Salzburg Cathedral and the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

The square features a large golden globe with a statue of a man standing on top.  Next to the globe is a large chessboard where chess players gather to compete.

Kapitelplatz, Salzburg Austria
Kapitelplatz, Salzburg Austria

Visitors should not miss the beautiful fountain that is located across the square from the cathedral.  It is called the "Kapitel Schwemme".

The fountain was built in 1732 as a horse pond.  It was modeled on Roman fountains and features a statue of Neptune, the god of the sea.

Kapitelschwemme in SalzburgKapitelschwemme

The German word "Kapitelplatz" means "Chapter Square" in English.

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